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Flytek Drones have attracted the interest of outdoor hobby enthusiasts since they are relatively easy to use, competitively priced and ready to fly without any prior technical experience, nor do they need a license to operate. While commercial drones are government regulated, consumer drones currently fall under the model aircraft category, which means that they have few restrictions and they weigh less than 35 kilograms. The user must keep their recreational drone under 122 metres and it must be within the operator's line of sight, but their adaptability makes them a viable option for performing a number of different tasks. A photographer can now send up a small, camera-equipped drone to capture stunning aerial views or magnificent sunsets that up until now could only be captured from a lower vantage point.

The sky is the limit for filming, exploring and capturing aerial views by everyday consumers and professionals alike.

Here are just a fewapplications for business / personal that Flytek Drones offer:

The television and film industry for shooting advertisement and movies

  • Aerial mapping services
  • Real estate agents shooting aerial footage of homes for sale

  • Natural resources monitoring around the globe

  • The media/entertainment industry

  • Land and wildlife management services

  • Wildlife viewing for travel expeditions like Safari

  • Wireless, communications and broadcast services

  • Agriculture-managing farm crop health

Drones will change our everyday existence in ways we never thought possible, from saving lives, keeping our cities safer, making our grids smarter, and helping our environment. We are entering a new era in which robotic technology is ratcheting up to meet the global demands for the future.

Flytek is proud to be part of the ever-increasing market for recreational and corporate clients. Whether you're a hobbyist flying drones for fun or operating a business that can put your company competitively ahead, make Flytek your number one source for UAVs.