About Us

Juno is an ancient Roman Goddess who specially looked after the Women and Marriage. Marie is a loved one. We named our brand after them. Juno marie is inaugrated in 2010 at Kotturpuram - Chennai, India, later we moved to Adyar and to oblige clients' requests, we started our second branch successfully at Hebbal, Bangalore in 2014.

"It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one"

Why to choose Juno marie?

Quality and Best fabric:
    Every Princess is unique so are their tastes in dresses! We customize per the bride's requirement using the imported high quality fabrics.
    We guarantee that all our gowns are factory machine stitched with the best finishing by highly experienced professionals.

    When the bride walks-in to our boutiqe, we provide consulation on the variuos types of gowns available and its features in detail. We spend at least 2 hrs with each client to fulfill her dream wedding gown wish !

Samples for Trial:
    The glass shoe fits Cindrella only! We provide samples to the bride for trail so that the Princess in her finds the right fittings for herself !!
        The bride gets the clear picture on what type of Gown suits her better with trials.

Huge collections and cost:
    You don't have to stick to one particular design. Juno maire has a huge collections of bridal wedding gowns and its cost effective too. You can choose your gown designs from various gowns displayed.

Gown Delivery:
    We always deliver the gowns on time, per the delivery date given when the order is placed.